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Kapodistriou Str. 4, 10682, Athens, Greece

Language Improvement in Music. Alternative Christmas & New Year holidays at Welcommon Hostel in Athens 17.12.2022-15.1.2023

Alternative Christmas & New Year holidays in Athens

 Spend a time full of music, art, courses, tastes, intercultural events, socializing, inspiration -at the Welcommon Hostel, Athens.

Let no one be alone during the holidays!

Treat yourself to an extraordinary experience,

 Celebrate with other travelers from all around the world!

Do you want to travel solo or with partner/ friends during Christmas and New Year, meet open minded people from all over the world, have an extraordinary and inspiring time and, at the same time, by choosing to stay at Welcommon, support a cooperative with social and green impact, working for the empowerment of vulnerable persons, the promotion of social/green innovation, climate action, the green transition as well as for intercultural dialogue?  If so, the Welcommon Hostel, in Athens, is what you are looking for. Especially, from 17.12.2022 to 15.1.2023 you can experience a holiday full of color and music for 3, 7, 14, 21 or 30 days.

Book now your accommodation and participation in many different courses, events, activities, life-experiences:

Music everywhere, for everybody. Daily participate in:

  • Building instruments from scratch (like ocean drum, rainstick, shakers, drums);
  • Music technology – use phone applications to create your own songs;
  • Guided music for people who usually play or sing for themselves;
  • Express yourself – songwriting in a foreign language (German, Greek, English, Dutch, Spanish);
  • Reading/listening comprehension through soundpainting and Hip Hop;
  • Sing and study
  • Games to memorize difficult sentences/ words;
  • Voice improvisation and body percussion;
  • My music – my story (musical biographies);
  • Choir (multiple languages, depending on what you want to learn). 

See the full schedule here.

If you need to know more, please contact: windofrenewal@gmail.com

Book today and be ready to participate in an extraordinary experience in Athens. 

Contact us directly for special offers and group discounts:  windofrenewal@gmail.com

Prices include:

  • Accommodation in either 4 or 8 bed dorms with shared bathroom facilities, or private room with en suite bathroom
  • Full board, breakfast, two meals / day, and special events for free taste of food specialities
  • Full access to all the in the festival: courses, events, activities organized during your stay in the Welcommon Hostel
  • Vat number and taxes, municipal fee included

You experience fantastic holidays and at the same time you finance our social and green activities. We do not distribute profits, you know there is no big chain behind us, we invest in social and green activities.

By treating yourself to a memorable holiday you also help us finance our social and green activities. We do not distribute profits -there is no big chain behind us- instead, we invest in social and green activities. 

For holidays without huge amounts of waste. During the holidays, mountains of waste are produced and a lot of energy is wasted. In our Welcommon Hostel we strive for almost zero waste and consumption of the least fossil fuel energy possible.