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Kapodistriou Str. 4, 10682, Athens, Greece

Προβολή στο Welcommon Hostel επιλεγμένων Ολλανδικών ταινιών μικρού μήκους του Shortcutz Amsterdam

Οι 7 επιλεγμένες Ολλανδικές ταινίες μικρού μήκους του 10ου Shortcutz Amsterdam International Audience Award προβάλλονται στο Welcommon Hostel, στις 19 Ιανουαρίου, ώρα 20.00 – Είσοδος ελεύθερη Το Shortcutz Amsterdam International Audience Tour κάνει για 3η συνεχόμενη χρονιά τη στάση του στην Αθήνα με 7 ταινίες μικρού μήκους νέων Ολλανδών κινηματογραφιστών. Την[…]

WELCOMMON HOSTEL as one of the Hostel Heroes

Thank you @HostelWorld for shining a light on WELCOMMON HOSTEL as one of the “Hostel Heroes“ Hostel Heroes We are thrilled to continue shining a light on some of the amazing initiatives hostels are putting in place, whether it’s in community outreach or sustainability or something completely different. In the midst of a[…]

Archaeological Sites

National Archaelogical Museum of Athens National Archaeological Museum of Athens, the largest archaeological museum in Greece. one of the most important museums in the world devoted to ancient Greek art. It was founded at the end of the 19th century. It houses and protects antiquities from all over Greece, displaying their[…]

This is the Wecommon Hostel

The WELCOMMON Hostel, a new experience in responsible tourism The WELCOMMON Hostel is a hostel in the center of Athens, an innovative proposal for sustainable tourism, innovation, art, social and job integration based on the idea of “community”, initiated by the social cooperative ANEMOS ANANEOSIS / WIND OF RENEWAL. The[…]

Hostel News

We are opening on 14th of June Welcommon Hostel started its operation in June 2018 WELCOMMON Hostel means welcome in common – together. It is not only an opportunity to stay in a good place in the Greek capital; it is also a way to: – enjoy your stay in[…]