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Kapodistriou Str. 4, 10682, Athens, Greece

Are you looking for a partner at an Erasmus adult training project?

Are you an organisation looking for a partner in #Greece, #Athens, for an #Erasmus+ project at “adult training? The social cooperative Wind of Renewal and its innovative #Welcommonhostel can be an interesting option. Possible fields for collaboratio at adults training in Welcommon Hostel:
1. #WithRefugees, Social #innovation in housing and inclusion of #refugees
2. #Art and social empowerment and inclusion – refugees and homeless persons
3. #Socialinnovation and support of #disable persons and their caregivers
4. #Sustainabletourism – innovative and inclusive models of tourism
6. Climate change and #education, #climatecrisis and intercultural education, climate emergency and refugees
7. #Socialeconomy and social innovation
8. Passive houses, renewable energy, #energyefficiency and empowerment / inclusion of vulnerable households in combating of #energypoverty
More about our activities, expertise and innovation, here:
ANEMOΣ ΑΝΑNEΩΣΗΣ / WIND of RENEWAL , a social cooperative for social – green economy
WELCOMMON HOSTEL, an innovative hostel with social and green impact, a center for green and social innovation
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