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Kapodistriou Str. 4, 10682, Athens, Greece

Art on the wall – Art every where at the Welcommon Hostel. Work – memories of artists, volunteers, visitors, refugees

At Welcommon Hostel you will find art everywhere, on the walls of the corridors, on the floors, in the classrooms, in the rooms. They are works – memories of artists, volunteers, refugees, visitors. The Welcommon Hostel is open to different travelers (responsible tourists, volunteers, migrants, refugees, nomads, groups with social, cultural and environmental interests). It was created and is operated by the social cooperative enterprise Anemos Anenoisos / Wind of Renewal, which aims at the public good. It does not distribute profits, it doesnot belong to a big copmany. It creates jobs for young men and women with less opportunities, it is a center of green and social innovation. Its aim is the promotion of sustainable tourism, the green and social economy and innovation, the protection of the climate and the environment, the social inclusion and the dialogue of cultures. Discover art, social innovation, steps towards a more responsible tourism at Welcommon Hostel, participate in the many cultural events we organize, support our work by choosing a different hostel with values, a special place with special people

Welcommon Hostel:www.welcommonhostel.gr

Wind of Renewal:www.anemosananeosis.gr





Our history: www.welcommonhostel.gr/social, www.welcommonhostel.gr/slider/you-can-feel-the-history-of-welcommon