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Kapodistriou Str. 4, 10682, Athens, Greece

How is WELCOMMON Hostel different?

How is WELCOMMON Hostel different?

WELCOMMON Hostel means welcome in common together. It is not only an opportunity to stay in a good place in Athens, the Greek capital; it is also a way to:

enjoy your stay in the city, 

discover its social, cultural and environmental side,

exchange experiences and ideas,

learn and “share; you can participate in activities we organize (art exhibits, non-formal education, music events, visits to cultural sites and activities, etc…) or you can organize something yourself (e.g. a concert, painting classes or even give a speech!).

Our philosophy is to be part of the social change we want to see happen. Anemos Ananeosis/Wind of Renewal – which has initiated the WELCOMMON Hostel – has a strong commitment to building a better world through social and green innovation and the cooperative business model. We want to influence the direction of our society to become more sustainable, ecologically and socially fair.

Our vision is to bring close people from all over the world, to enable them to communicate, to be entertained and to explore the creative side of Athens. In the WELCOMMON Hostel we can introduce you to the world of Greece’s cultural, environmental and social organizations as well as of social economy. You can also contribute with your ideas and experience. The WELCOMMON Hostel highlights the positive impact that cooperatives and social enterprises could have on communities, revitalizing neighborhoods, making bridges between communities, social groups, newcomers and local people.

Our mission is to daily improve and develop our services, make our hostel more than convenient, friendly and live, artistic and innovative. We can organise your study trip in the city and provide details about interesting social events and groups. We can also supply you with all necessary information on other Greek cities, islands or a mountainside, connect you with cycling groups, or let you know the secrets of culinary delights.