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Kapodistriou Str. 4, 10682, Athens, Greece

WELCOMMON HOSTEL, one of the “Best of” civil society’s activity in EuroMed region

“Long Night of Ideas” #civilsociety is contributing a lot to overcome challenges of our times its Best Of will be livestreamed on June 7th!
The premiere of #EuroMed Citizen Visions” during the #lndi21 by Auswärtiges Amt
– Sustainable Cooperation for Peace & Security @SustainableCoo
– @YDPLibya
Monday 7th of June, on 21.00 Central European Summer Time (CEST) (22.00, Athens time 22.00)
Welcommonhostel is an innovative hostel for sustainable tourism open to all the travellers, as well as a centre for social and green innovation, social empowerment and inclusion, art, intercultural dialogue, climate action and energy transition
Banlastic Egypt aims to ban single use plastic in Egypt by offering alternative green products and by spreading awareness through workshops and beach cleanups
– Sustainable Cooperation for Peace & Security @SustainableCoο Sustainable Development Goals through UNSCR 1325 “Women Peace and Security” and 2250 “Youth Peace and Security”. From Italy to the Earth globe
– Youth Dialogue Platform @YDPLibya is an initiative that promotes Youth empowerment through dialogue among Libyans and beyond (online and offline) #UNSCR2250
– KITABI (Morocco) is a children’s library
– SEPT (Save Energy Plant Trees) (Lebanon- Beirut). Neighborhood help in Lebanon www.sept-ngo.org
June 7th, 9 p.m. CEST –
“Lange Nacht der Ideen” #twitterchallenge Mit unserer Idee wird die Kreativität und Innovationskraft von interkultureller Zivilgesellschaft sichtbar. Am 7. Juni um 21 Uhr in der 20min
Welcommonhostel Banlastic Egypt @SustainableCoo KIBATE SEPT @YDPLibya
Show “EuroMed Citizen Visions” unter https://mediapool.expo-ip.com/stand/36
Diese „Best-of-Show“ zivilgesellschaftlicher Initiativen der euro-mediterranen Region zeigt, wie neue kreative Formen des interkulturellen Dialogs, der aktiven Bürgerschaft und der gesellschaftlichen Partizipation an der Basis und lokal initiiert und gestaltet werden – trotz teilweise geschlossener physischer Grenzen und eingeschränkter Bewegungs- und Begegnungsmöglichkeiten vor Ort.
Die „Citizen Reporters“ aus Libyen, Ägypten, Italien, Griechenland und dem Libanon kommen selbst zu Wort und präsentieren lokale Aktivitäten und Initiativen, die Hoffnung, Solidarität und Visionen von einer aktiven, vielfältigen und agilen internationalen Zivilgesellschaft vermitteln.
Das Format setzt das Projekt „We are still here! EuroMed Citizen Reporters“ fort und findet in Kooperation mit der Anna Lindh Foundation statt.
Die 20-minütige Show wird am 7. Juni um 21:00 Uhr live gestreamt.
Die Premiere während der „Langen Nacht der Ideen 2021“ ist zugleich der Startschuss für die Publikation einer Vielzahl von zivilgesellschaftlichen Initiativen auf der Website
Welcommon Hostel is an innovative hostel in Athens for #sustainabletourism run by the #social #cooperative Anemos Ananeosis / #WindofRenewal. It is also a centre for #socialinnovation and #greeneconomy, #energytransition, #climateaction, #empowerment and #socialinclusion
In our interactive intercultural courses open 4 all travellers (#tourists #volunteers #refugees, #migrants #nomads) participated more than 1500 refugees. Since 9/2016 we have hosted more than 330 volunteers from all over the world for 2 to 12 months. From 1 of June we are hosting a number of homeless, vulnerable refugees. We have offer safe accommodation for a total of more than 1000 vulnerable refugees from 2016 until today.
Would you like to know more about us and support our social and green activities?

Support our WELCOMMON HOSTEL, a hostel with social and green impact.


Until the 1st of June our Welcommon Hostel, a seven-floor facility building with rooms and dorms in the center of Athens with a social and green impact, remained closed #COVID19. We were forced to make the heartbreaking decision of closing our doors until the 31st of May. The safety of our clients is a priority. But our WELCOMMON HOSTEL is open again. As it is a hostel for sustainable tourism and a centre for social, cultural, climate and environmental activities, and if you are planning to travel to Athens in the next years, visit our site www.welcommonhostel.gr, book from now your private room with balcony and support us.

You can save our hostel from the devastating financial effects of the COVID-19 crisis and support our social, cultural and environmental activities.

We hope we will be able to welcome you soon in safe mode. Until then we are hosting 70 homeless vulnerable refugees living in the streets during COVID-19!


Special offer for you. Create memorable moments with WELCOMMON HOSTEL and transform your ordinary trip into an extraordinary one in the near future!

Discover the real hostel/hotel experience staying in our innovative and with social impact WELCOMMON HOSTEL and participate in a number of social and cultural activities without cost for you.


WELCOMMON HOSTEL is an innovative hostel with social impact as well as a center of social and green innovation, intercultural dialogue and socializing. We operate ‘for good and not-for-profit’ which means your stay should be cheaper while contributing to something amazing like social empowerment, social inclusion, greentransition, comic and language lessons, arttherapy projects. Any surplus of funds will be reinvested in affordable hostelling and social / green projects, not shareholders.

Booking from today your stay in  WELCOMMON HOSTEL ensures we can continue to offer our services and social – green activities.